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Creates Unlimited Accounts & Followers in just Days

TwitterXtreme is Twitter posting software that will knock the socks off any other tool on the market. We refuse to release this insane software until we are 100% certain that it will do everything you need it to do. And because you’re willing to wait with us, we want to reward you with one very cool offer… Check out our early bird 50% discount offer!

TwitterXtreme is a PHP MySQL script to run on your own servers with a unique and powerful user interface built on a smart framework using the latest ajax & javascript programming for maximum server performance & usability .

Introducing Twitter Software The Most Powerful Twitter Script Online

All the Promises. All the Hype... And it’s One More
Twitter Tool Deleted From Your Hard Drive…

We know. We’ve been there. We were mad as hell…
and we were not going to take it anymore.

We decided to change the rules and stop buying tools that were really just toys. Instead of spending our money to pay for the Gurus next vacations, we put our heads together and listed every feature a REAL Twitter Tool should have… and then commissioned two of the most in-demand programmers around to Just Build It. They’re almost through with the final testing. Now you will be one of the first to experience what a REAL TwitterTool can do for you…

Early Bird 50% Discount

Just add your name to our early bird list & when TwitterXtreme is let loose, you’ll be one of the first to own it, plus we’ll give you a whopping 50% off with no catches, no broken promises and no spam! You’ll receive notification of the TwitterXtreme Launch days before anyone else!

Are you leveraging the awesome popularity of Twitter?

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How would you like to send TONS of Targeted Traffic directly to your websites, blogs and affiliate sites? Just think of the sales you’ll make and the profit that you’ll pocket as truckloads of ready-to-buy visitors slam into your sales pages like a Traffic Hurricane.

TwitterXtreme is a brand new, state-of-the-art script that will make you instantly popular on the world's most famous micro blogging platform, as TwitterXtreme increases your online presence by up to 500% while helping you soar to the very top of the Twitter community in record breaking time.

The Phenomenon That is TwitterXtreme

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Gain instant success, unlimited followers & friends with a super-easy to use point & click web technology that fuses our hybrid 2.0 script with 100% automation. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, TwitterXtreme keeps building you more accounts and grabbing you more followers flush with cash for what you have to offer.
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Creates Unlimited Accounts & Followers in just Days

TwitterXtreme is The Most Advanced
Intelligent Twitter Script Ever!

How Would You Like a Web 2.0 Script With a
Unique, Powerful User Interface that Literally
Takes Control Over Twitter While Grabbing You a
Jaw Dropping, Staggering Amount of New
Accounts and New Followers in Just Days!!!

It’s your turn to take advantage of New Twitter Technology and fly right over the heads of the people who were simply lucky to have found Twitter first. It’s Your Turn to live the Twitter success stories you’ve been hearing about day after day. It’s your turn to be first, armed with a tool that can make it all happen for you…almost in an instant.

But you’ll have to take action now to guarantee your 50% discount spot.

One look at the list of amazing features that are included in the TwitterXtreme software and you will IMMEDIATELY see why TwitterXtreme really does make all other auto posting scripts and link building tools look like toys. TwitterXtreme is a TOOL, and not a TOY. It doesn’t spam or use black hat tricks but instead performs tasks that will 100% guarantee that you get the advantage of raising your Twitter profiles & online presence. You will become the authority in your chosen niche almost overnight. Others have done it- So Will YOU.

We've created a monster. An elite powerhouse. A Twitter script full of powerful tools capable of dominating & eliminating any competition that dares stand in the way of your products, your services, your affiliate sites and your SALES!

TwitterXtreme Features & Tools
Fully automated mass account creation using built in username lists & random appended passwords, setup scheduling to create any amount of accounts in any time frame.
All Twitter accounts created with captcha popup to solve all recaptcha's quickly, we use a unique captcha stabilizer for 100% accuratecy so your input is never hit & miss.
Google email accounts automatically created with built in captcha popup, we use a unique captcha stabilizer for 100% accuratecy so your input is never hit & miss.
Amazing recaptcha plugin (extra) will allow for all recaptcha's to be fully cracked 100% automated & hands free, You can also use the captcha plugin for cracking Gmail captcha
Theme engine spins all new account avatars, backgrounds and bio's keeping your accounts organic, it even adds text color, link color, link hover color and more to themes.
Powerful proxy engine seeks out & uses quality working proxy IP addresses to keep your script footprints under the Twitter radar it also allows you to pre test every proxy.
Multi threaded script to run up to 100 instances of the application at any single time, so you can be creating accounts, posting tweets and sending user messages all at once.
Does not rely heavily on the Twitter API for it's features & modules to work properly like others do, this feature is important to make sure your script is working at all times
Powerful follower extraction engine that will search & add any keyword & keyphrase then add those targeted users, great for finding followers in any niche or category.
Follower removal engine that will delete any followers not returning the follow on any of your accounts, eliminating time wasters & those that would never read your tweets.
RSS feed engine, powerful RSS engine to parse then post all your RSS feeds to your Twitter Accounts, feeds are sorted in your RSS management section, import feed lists.
High end filter engine works hard to make sure you receive only a high friend to follower ratio, important feature to fully filter out unwanted followers from any account.
Tweet spinning engine allows for single tweets to be remixed before posting to multiple accounts, no more writting 100's of tweets per single run of the script just mix em up.
Tweet captcha engine will extract other users tweets, remix them & then re post them as yours, great way to get content you can make unique before posting it back to Twitter.
URL engine chooses from predefined URL lists & posts a random link from list to each new tweet, import URL lists from text files, full link management section for full link control.
Auto search & follow engine automatically adds 1000's of new followers to all your new accounts daily, very powerful don't abuse this feature, you need to stay under the radar.
Follow set number of users per account using the built in geo targeting engine for better targeting, exclude following certain users or accounts via your exclusion panel.
Setup SMART set & forget posting scheduler doing the hard work for you at any set intervals, night & day allowing you to wake up with 100's more new accounts & followers.
Messaging engine allows you to send personal messages to any followers from any account, you can bulk send messages too for any followers in any particular account.
Unique user interface hosted on your own servers, we are using an extremely stable PHP framework built by our team that uses ajax and javascript for performance.

Watch Your Twitter Results Explode

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In just 2 minutes you'll see results! With our complete automated Twitter posting software there is no need to read manuals, watch boring tutorials or sign up to receive endless training. We have created a single step system to allow you to get up and running in just 2 minutes and post your way to riches 100% legally!

The TwitterXtreme Twitter auto poster script is without doubt the ultimate weapon used to gain control & wipe out competiton for your products & services on the Twitter website "Guaranteed Fact" the fact is YOU can be doing the same as thousands of other Twitter users and take advantage of something HOT while the going is good.

TwitterXtreme Has Taken Out All The Hard Work For You

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We have taken all the hard work, manual setup & posting out of what was a tedious & long boring task, its no secret that twitter is been used for the purpose of gaining increased levels of traffic and sales but saving time in repeating this task is the key leaving you free to be able to work on other area's of your marketing campaign's while twitterxtreme sets to work dominating twitter for your products and services.

The twitterxtreme script is not for your average user either, due to such high end, powerful and potentially dangerous features it could be classed more as a black hat marketing script or spamming tool specially designed for those wanting to create mass amounts of links on twitter to their own websites BUT twitterxtreme does NOT endorse that because if used incorrectly can also get you banned from twitter so its really important to understand and appreciate what your dealing with here as this is a powerhouse auto poster script that can make you too famous too fast & that is not how the script was designed to be used.

twitterxtreme will be launching soon and will offer all it's users a full support system including 24/7 ticket support, a private user forum & members area for FAQ and tutorials. twitterxtreme is also offering a full affiliate program so any user whether a twitterxtreme user or not can promote the script online for a full 50% revenue share in the retail price of the script per sale.

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We hate spam as much as you do and we promise not to sell or share any of your private data, you can refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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